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Traffic Stops

Every traffic ticket starts when a police officer pulls the driver over. Pulling over is an important activity that needs to be performed carefully during the traffic stop. You can save yourself from many traffic tickets by remaining alert during the moments of pulling over; on the other hand, if you pull over in the wrong manner, there is a good chance you will get a traffic ticket. Tips for a proper way of pulling over. The following tips may help you understand the proper way to pull over during a traffic stop when the police lights are flashing behind you:

When the traffic officer signals you to pull over, you should acknowledge his instruction in a friendly manner. Yet, you don’t need to rush, check
whether it is safe, then pull over to the side of the road.
Call him Sir. I am always extremely polite to a person who carries a gun. I am particularly polite to a police officer. After all, he is risking his life for my safety. I always call them SIR. If it is a woman, I call her Maam. Being polite has got me off many tickets in my life.
I also beg. I ask point-blank if the officer will let me go without giving me a ticket. Sometimes they laugh. Then I remind them I just made them
laugh and that should be worth something.
If They are going to write me a ticket, I ask if they would consider writing a ticket that is cheaper. For example, if I am going 85 in 65 miles zone, I ask if they will write the ticket for 70. This can help you. Other times I ask if they would consider writing me a parking ticket.
You should try to pull over to your side as far as possible because that will allow the traffic officer to park his car in between your vehicle and
the ongoing traffic as a barrier.
After pulling over, you should wait in your car until the officer approaches you. If the officer does not request you come out of your vehicle, you
should remain in your seat, and place your hand in a visible manner on the steering wheel. If you immediately get out of your vehicle after pulling
over, the traffic officer may feel threatened and will go into defense mode.
After pulling over, maintain your composure and do not lose your patience. Do not show that you are nervous. Remain very polite. Being polite is
good advice in all aspects of life, but in this situation, it is absolutely paramount. If you are nervous, the officer may feel there is something
more than a simple traffic stop that is the problem.
After pulling over, it is good to turn the engine off. By doing so, you will give a good impression that you are not looking to run away. The officer will feel comfortable while talking to you and that will increase your chances that he will let you go without giving you a ticket. If you have pulled over at a place where it is dark outside, you should turn on the interior lights of the car. If the weather is not too cold or hot, then it would be better to roll down all your power windows. By doing so, you will help the officer to complete his inspection. Your helpful behavior may turn in your favor.
While the traffic officer approaches you, you should be aware of common courtesies. If you are chewing gum, remove it from your mouth. If you are smoking, extinguish your cigarette. These simple yet essential courtesies will make sure that the traffic officer will not get offended by your behavior and that will make it difficult for him to write a ticket for you.
If you are driving with other passengers, instruct them not to disturb while the traffic officer inspects you during the pullover.
If you are nervous, I find it very helpful to relay that to the officer. I am a bit nervous because I rarely have these types of encounters. The basic idea behind these tips is that you need to make the traffic officer feel easy and comfortable while he is doing his job. Your friendly and cooperative attitude will make him like you and most probably he will decide in your favor. If you are good at this, you are kind to the traffic officer and by following these simple suggestions, you can convince the traffic officer you are a law-abiding citizen who was just made a traffic violation error and increase your chance he lets you go with a warning, or better yet, just a smile.